So today i decided that all the current tracks under the Effluvium name will now be under the band name Abandonware. The Effluvium name will be used for my upcoming metal project. Also, i just released a song on the now Abandonware project. Listen to it here:

I’ve also put up mirrors of the ex Effluvium content on Mega, divided into albums or the whole discography.

Abandonware (ex Effluvium) discography:

Abandonware (ex Effluvium) Cosmic Radiation:

Abandonware (ex Effluvium) Glossed Despair:

Abandonware (ex Effluvium) Voided Fog: Free Android Scrobbler

According to the article below you can use an outdated version of the Android scrobbler and it works without the paid subscription. I tested this and it worked yes, but you have to install this app called Aptiode that acts as a separate app store that has cracked versions of pay for apps in order to install the file which is .myapp instead of .apk. I would suggest to uninstall Aptiode right away after installing the app.


Original Article: