No Longer Need Flash For Youtube

I mentioned before that you could use HTML5 on Youtube instead of flash. The only thing was, only videos that weren’t ad supported or where available to HTML5 worked in it, other whys it just will fall back to flash. I just found out they have a extension for Chrome and Firefox to fix this.




Parabola Has More Packages Then Arch?

How is this possible? Parabola only includes free software, while Arch uses both free and non free.

Number of Arch packages: 10284 –

Number of Parabola packages: 15344 –

Edit: Arch Hurd only has 568 packages, what a shame. –

Bulletfreak’s Switch To Bridge Linux

With the recent update of Bridge Linux i figured to try it, and fell in love with it. That means, however, that i like Arch, since Bridge is basically Arch that works out of the box with a easy installer as mentioned before on my “Arch Based Distributions – Is It Worth It?” post. I’d highly recommend it. I’m loving Pacman and the community. I should just note that the forums are pretty dead. With the admins being the only active users. I’d try the Arch forums, but i do know how snappy some of them can be about people using Arch derivatives. But whatever, Bridge Linux, the way to go for new Arch users.  




Bridge Linux:

Arch Based Distributions – Is It Worth It?


Is Manjaro Linux really a good substitute to vanilla Arch? There are a few Arch based distros that have the simple installer and use vanilla Arch repos, like say Bridge Linux? Although it hasn’t been updated since December of 2012 it sure is nice. Download Bridge at the end of the article. Anyways, is Manjaro better then the rest of these: What do you think?

Manjaro Linux:

Bridge Linux: